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Elements to be acquired through basic instruction

Elements to be acquired through basic instruction

The most basic thing in karate is “greetings”.
At Ryushinjuku, we make sure to greet not only our instructors and friends, but also the parents who take us to and from school. By practicing the etiquette of greetings, we can naturally build human relationships.

Karate dojos are different from schools and club activities in that the ages and starting points vary.
It’s the role of the older students to figure out how to make karate fun and safe for young children and beginners.

We are training them to stand in front of the class and give commands to the children above them, and to learn leadership skills naturally. Many of the children at Ryushinjuku raise their hands to play important roles at school, such as class president and other important roles, and this seems to be used in school life as well.

A mind that is not defeated by itself.
It’s not the constant winning that makes you unbeatable. It’s the experience of getting back up after a loss that creates a heart that won’t lose to you. There are many things that can go wrong in karate, many frustrations, and many opportunities to grow.

Karate is a courageous sport that requires you to use your body and stand alone. But that is why karate gives you the confidence that you can do it. When you have confidence in yourself, you can be proactive and kind to others.

Adaptability to the human environment
The dojo is a small society where people of all grades and ages, young and old, come together to build a small society.
Toddlers before they go to elementary school, middle and high school students before they go out into the world!
Let’s get used to a variety of human environments in the dojo = small society.

The “strength of mind”


Everyone loses a game or makes a mistake and gets depressed.
Adults and parents usually say “That was a good lesson” or “That was a good experience” to encourage them.
But do they really understand the importance of the key words “study and experience”?
At Ryushin Juku, we thoroughly instruct students on how to understand things by using illustrations and original materials, comparing it to “mental addition and subtraction”.
Nurturing a positive attitude in the face of any difficulty
This is the dojo philosophy of Ryushinjuku.

Adult Fun

stress relief
When you sweat, you feel refreshed and refreshed. On top of that, I’ll be pounding sandbags and kicking mitts in karate. Before you know it, your stress will be gone. It’s true.

New friends.
When you become an adult, it is difficult to meet new people and make new friends. But at the karate dojo, you can talk to each other with your eyes and fists without words. We are not limited by social status or age (although we have respect for our elders), so we can be “friends”.

I’ve lost weight!
In our dojo, there is a man who lost 8 kilos in weight and his body fat went from 32% to 19%. In addition to the weight loss, they are definitely getting younger by starting karate.

increase in physical fitness
We practice hard. Of course, this is not a compulsion, and you are welcome to follow along as much as you can, but seeing your friends working hard up close will give you more energy than usual.
This is one of the true pleasures of the dojo, which is hard to experience in the gym.
If you keep practicing, you’ll notice that you’re gaining strength before you know it.

Best drink ever.
After you’ve worked hard and sweated your way through karate practice with your hard-working legs, the last thing you want to do is this. It’s unspeakably delicious.
Even if you can’t drink alcohol, you’ll feel it in your favorite drink.
Maybe we’re doing karate for that first drink, lol.

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