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Middle and high school classes

Let’s learn it before we go out into the world.

Adolescents in junior high and high school.
Dojo students of various ages and professions will be able to learn things that are difficult to learn and experience at school or in club activities.
The school years are short, but they are the foundation of life. I would like to make sure that this is an important time and place for children.

A cool older man showing his example.
I reported that we are going to the national competition.
A story time from Maesato’s instructor.
It’s a cool thing to have your back stretched out.
I think it’s a wonderful year-long goal to “be a good senior.
“Continuity is power,” another New Year’s goal. It really is.
The game. Now, go ahead and do your best to have no regrets!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of parental support do you need besides transportation to and from the dojo?
While instructors will take care of practice time (although they may ask you to help hold a mitt from time to time), parents are asked to support their children at home.
Parents are the best people to encourage their children to do their best.
We hope that karate can become a new form of communication between parents and children.
Do I have to accompany you during rehearsals?
As a general rule, students are allowed to go unchaperoned.
In the case of special needs, we may ask you to accompany your child after consultation with you and your instructor.
There is a viewing area at the back of the dojo, so parents are free to observe.
However, children will work harder if they are observed by their parents.
Will you be injured?
Some people think karate is dangerous, but we wear a supporter to prevent injuries.
Beginners will learn the basics first, and then we will increase the number of things they can do step by step.
All dojo students are required to have sports insurance in case of emergencies, but we have never had a serious injury in the 10 years we have been in the dojo.
How many games do you have a year?
There are about 8 competitions in Okinawa.
We will inform you of the details of each tournament when you register for it.
Do you have to be at the game?
Winning and losing are not everything, so we respect your decision to participate in the tournament and will not force you to do so. However, if your dojomates are going to participate in the tournament, we encourage you to come at your convenience to support your fellow players.
Will the results of the competition affect my internal review?
The school is informed of any outstanding results in the competition.
Can I combine this with club activities?
It’s up to you, but many kids are balancing the two.


Monthly fee for children from 4 years old to junior high school: 6,400 yen
High school students and older: 7,000 yen
Morning class only: 6,500 yen
Family and sibling discounts are available.

The gym is closed on weekends and holidays. We will be closed on weekends and holidays.

General (Junior high school students and up): Monday Wednesday 20:00-21:30

Junior high school students and above can participate in this class.
Junior and senior high school students will practice with adults so that they can learn proper etiquette and manners before they go out into the world.
Adults can regain a second lease on life by practicing with peers of all ages.

Elementary School and General Department Joint Step Up Class: Friday 20:00 – 21:30

  • Children are only allowed to participate in this class with the permission of Shihan.
  • This is a popular class for both children and adults to get each other’s attention.
  • Our goal is to win prizes at the prefectural tournament and go on to the national level.

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