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Children’s Class: Elementary School

Small Successes into Big Confidence

The catchphrase of the boys’ club is “From Small Successes to Big Confidence”, and this class is easy for children from 4 years old to elementary school students to attend.

  • A class where it is easy to step up through the basic movements of karate while having fun
  • Class B and C, where we teach a wide range of skills from preparation, basic training, mitt, reinforcement training, kata training and kumite

Common to all classes.
We give them a firm goal, and we teach them patiently so that they can realize small successes and confidence, and reflect what they learn in the dojo in their social and school life.

By doing karate at Ryushinjuku

  • Through the joys and setbacks of success, students learn the importance of hard work and the spirit of never giving up.
  • You will be able to greet them cheerfully and listen to them to the end of their story.
  • By practicing with peers of different ages, they learn to be cooperative and compassionate
  • Students will learn how to use their body and strength through mitt practice and kumite, and will become strong and gentle by learning pain.
  • Moving barefoot all year round improves physical performance and helps to build a strong body that is resistant to catching colds.

The elements that can be learned in basic instruction and the “strength of mind” that we aim for at Ryushin Juku, if learned as early as possible, will create a great foundation to support your future life.

Q:What happens when you do karate?

School life is changing.

At Ryushinjuku, we teach the older children to take care of the younger ones. We also train older children to stand in front of others to help them develop leadership skills.
I hear that many of the children at Ryushinjuku raise their hands and take on important roles at school.

Also, many children seem to improve their grades because they learn to concentrate.

See what dojo students and parents have to say

We are very close across the ages.

There is an atmosphere of friendly competition and an atmosphere of trying to become stronger, and we spend our time practicing with seriousness and laughter.
It’s not just the same classmates; you can make many older and younger friends, as well as friends of different ages.

There is no cost to parents.

Unlike club activities at school, our karate dojo is led by professional instructors, so there is no heavy burden on parents except in special cases.
We have a viewing area at the back of the dojo so that you can freely observe during training.

Our convenient location is appreciated.

Ryushinjuku is located next to Tsukazan Fresh Plaza Union Tsukazan store in Haebaru. There is also a Drug Eleven (across the road), Tsukazan San A (3 minutes by car), and Kokuba Coop (5 minutes by car) nearby, so it is a convenient place where you can go shopping with us to and from school.

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Monthly fee for children from 4 years old to junior high school: 6,400 yen
High school students and older: 7,000 yen
Morning class only: 6,500 yen
Family and sibling discounts are available.

The gym is closed on weekends and holidays. We will be closed on weekends and holidays.

Classes available

Children start differently depending on their age and personality.
It is also possible for your child to participate in more than one class. Please contact us for more information.

Play with Karate Class: 4 years old to lower grades

This class is an introduction to karate for beginners and pre-schoolers.
Starting with the etiquette of a cheerful greeting, students learn how to put on a dojo and how to tie an obi.
They also learn the habits of “listening to the end of a conversation” and “responding to the end of a conversation” before they go to elementary school.

Beginner Class: 5 years old to lower grades

This class covers a wide range of subjects from gymnastics, basic training, mitt, reinforcement training, kata training and kumite.
We teach with patience and care so that students will have a goal, realize small successes and confidence, and apply what they learn at the dojo to their social and school life.

Standard Class: Elderly to elementary school students

This class covers a wide range of subjects from gymnastics, basic training, mitt, reinforcement training, kata training and kumite.
We teach with patience and perseverance so that students will have a goal, realize small successes and confidence, and apply what they learn at the dojo to their social and school life.
We aim to improve our cooperative spirit with various age groups to achieve our goals for regional tournaments.

Athletes Class: Fridays 20:00 – 21:30

  • Children are only allowed to participate in this class with the permission of Shihan.
  • This is a popular class for both children and adults to get each other’s attention.
  • Our goal is to win prizes in the prefectural tournament and go on to the national level.

Frequently Asked Questions

My child may raise his hands to his friends. Doesn’t playing karate make you more violent?
Some of the parents who actually attended the school had similar concerns before they joined. As a result, by practicing kumite and mitt practice with an opponent, they learned about their own strength and pain and came to believe that they were doing karate and shouldn’t touch it.
It’s hard to say, but it’s true that karate helps you learn how to use your body and control your strength, and knowing the pain of kumite helps you be kinder to others.
Do I have to accompany you during rehearsals?
As a general rule, students are allowed to go unchaperoned.
In the case of special needs, we may ask you to accompany your child after consultation with you and your instructor.
There is a viewing area at the back of the dojo, so parents are free to observe.
However, children will work harder if they are observed by their parents.
What kind of parental support do you need besides transportation to and from the dojo?
While instructors will take care of practice time (although they may ask you to help hold a mitt from time to time), parents are asked to support their children at home.
Parents are the best people to encourage their children to do their best.
We hope that through karate, new communication between parents and children can be created.
Will you be injured?
Some people think karate is dangerous, but we wear a supporter to prevent injuries.
Beginners will learn the basics first, and then we will increase the number of things they can do step by step.
All dojo students are required to have sports insurance in case of emergencies, but we have never had a serious injury in the 10 years we have been in the dojo.
How many games do you have a year?
There are about 8 competitions in Okinawa.
We will inform you of the details of each tournament when you register for it.
Do you have to be at the KARATE game?
Winning and losing are not everything, so whether or not you participate in a match is up to you and your parents, and is not mandatory. However, if your dojomates are going to participate in the tournament, we encourage you to come at your convenience to support them as they will help you.

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