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The Appeal of Ryushinjuku

It’s next to the supermarket, so it’s convenient to be able to pick up and drop off and shop together

The dojo is located next to the Fresh Plaza Union Tsukazan store.
There is also a Drug Eleven across the road. There are also many stores nearby.
It is a very convenient location for shopping while you are picking up or dropping off your children!

Even the hot summer months are no big deal! air-conditioned

We are equipped with a large air conditioner to prevent heat stroke and maintain focus and quality practice.

Sports insurance is provided in case of emergency

We are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable training environment so you will never be injured.
I am a member of the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Sports Insurance Association as a precaution, and I have not had a serious injury in the 10 years I have been at the dojo.

All members of the dojo are required to join the Sports Insurance Program of the Japan Sports Safety Association.

Practice up to 5 days a week depending on your motivation

We have a variety of classes to suit each grade level, belt color and lifestyle.
Students can practice up to 5 days a week depending on their motivation, ability and lifestyle.

The little ones imitate their older predecessors, so by far the fastest growing ones!

At the karate dojo, students of various ages get together to practice. The older children take care of the younger ones and learn to pay attention to them and develop their leadership skills.
Younger children look at the older children and imitate them, saying, “I’m a cool guy,” and “I want to be like that.

At Ryushin Juku Karate, we not only train your body in karate, but we also teach you how to
The ability to adapt to the human environment
We are trying to teach them to learn to be
But if you’re a parent who is concerned that your child won’t be able to join the circle with a shy, please refer to our FAQ.

Congratulations! We tossed the winner in the air.

It’s a rare opportunity in life to have a toss-up.
At Ryushinjuku, all the members, both adults and children, who win prizes in the competition, have a toss-up ceremony with the help of their parents.
Now, let’s work hard and fly!

I’m a member of Ryushinjuku, even though I graduated.

Some students leave the dojo for higher education, employment, or to move out of the prefecture. However, the people you spent time with at Ryushinjuku will remain with you after graduation. You are always welcome to come back to Ryushinjuku. I’ll be waiting for you.

A spacious and clean dojo.

Ryushin Juku is one of the largest dojos in the prefecture, with a floor area of 36 square meters. Since it is a dedicated karate dojo, we have mits, sandbags, and mats on the floor for safety reasons.
We also have changing rooms and toilets with showers. The dojo is cleaned every day so that you can use it comfortably.

Be kind to parents raising their children.

Indoor Baby Space

In the dojo, there are separate areas for practice and observation, so mothers can keep their hands free and babies can move to relieve stress!

Rooftop lawn area

There is a large grass zone on the 4th floor rooftop. Please use it as a playground for siblings during rehearsal time (there are a few rules and regulations to follow, so please ask in advance.

Sometimes you have to change things up.

refresher training

We have a refreshing training session on the roof of the building, and we also have a variety of other games such as dodgeball and chambara to deepen our concentration and interaction.

BBQ for everyone.

Several times a year we have a general club, boys’ club, morning class, and even parents get together for BBQs and year-end parties. It helps to strengthen the team dynamics of Ryushinjuku!

A full range of facilities

Training facilities opened to the general section (adults)

The dojo is open to members of the general public from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily for self training. The dojo is fully equipped for training.


We will teach you how to take care of your body as well. We also have massage machines available for the general club members to use.

Lots of events. Stronger and more fun!

Ryushin Juku offers not only regular training, but also joint training, parent-child karate experience, joint training camps, BBQs, swimming pools, New Year’s tryouts, and many other fun events. If you get to know your fellow dojo members and seniors, you will be able to actively participate in karate training.

Fun karate experience for parents and children

The Basics of Exercise – Flexibility Battle Championship

Summer sleepover camps

swimming pool

girls’ night out

course (e.g. of lectures)

surprise event

Click here for a summary of the year’s activities.

Teacher:Akiyo Tobaru

Five-year-old son is runner-up to the All-Japan Champ in 2019, and his father and son place in the semi-v. long awaited

Born on July 12, 1976
28 years of training.

  • Graduated from International Resort Sports Science College
  • Japanese Red Cross Society Emergency Medical Technician
  • Certified by the Japan Sports Association for the Disabled as a sports instructor for the disabled
  • Japan Wellness Association Certified Wellness Designer
  • W.K.O World Kumite Federation

The kind of leader we aim for

There was a time when I worked in the childcare industry. At that time, I wondered what kind of sensei would be attractive to children, and I began to see the ideal image I had when I was a child: “I wish I had a sensei like that”.
When it came time to open a dojo, I decided that the following was what I wanted to do
I’m glad I had a teacher like this when I was a kid! It means to be the kind of teacher that makes children feel that they can be a good teacher.
Test scores and tournament results are important, but Ryushinjuku and I will aim to be a dojo and teacher that will be remembered more than a record (and of course, strength).

Main game results so far

  • 1998 Second place in the lightweight division at the Seidokai West Japan Newcomer Tournament
  • 1999 Seidokai West Japan Newcomer Tournament, lightweight division champion
  • All Ryukyu Jissen Karate Tournament, General Advanced Lightweight Class Champion 3 times
  • Second place in the All Ryukyu Jissen Karate Tournament, general advanced weight class, 2 times
  • Second place in the All Ryukyu Jissen Karate Tournament, General Advanced Lightweight Class, 3 times
  • Hakurenkaikan All Okinawa Prefectural Tournament, Advanced Class, Lightweight Class, Winner 1 time
  • Second place in the lightweight class at the All Okinawa Prefectural Tournament, 2nd place, 1 time
  • Hakurenkaikan, all Okinawa Prefectural Tournament, advanced class, 3rd place in lightweight class, 3 times
  • Kyokushinkaikan All Okinawa Prefectural Tournament, weight class, general advanced weight class, lightweight, 3rd place
  • All Japan Kyokushin Karate Tournament Mas Oyama Cup, 3rd Place, Lightweight
  • 2019 Sogokushin All Okinawa Karate Tournament Masters (Light) Second Place
  • 2019 Seidokai All Japan Karate Championship Masters (Light) Winner
  • 2019 So Kyokushin Okinawa Prefecture Tournament Masters Advanced Class (Light) Winner
  • 2021 Japan team to be selected

Instructor : Kazuyoshi Maezato

August 16, 1984.
15 years of training.

Main game results so far

  • 2007 Byakuren Kaikan All Okinawa Prefectural Tournament, Intermediate Class, 3rd place in lightweight class
  • 2007 Kyokushin-Kaikan All Okinawa Intermediate Class, Light Weight, Second Place
  • 2008 Hakurenkaikan All Okinawa Prefectural Tournament, Intermediate Class, Light Weight Class, Winner/Special Prize

Assistant Instructor: Tsuyoshi Katsuren

11 years of training.

Main game results so far

  • 2016 Hakuren Kaikan All-Okinawa Prefectural Tournament, Young Masters Advanced Lightweight, Second Place
  • 2015 Hakuren Kaikan All-Okinawa Tournament, Masters Advanced Lightweight, Second Place
  • Winner of the 2012 Byakurenkaikan All Okinawa Prefectural Tournament, Father’s Class Beginners, Lightweight
  • 2011 All Okinawa Weight Class Tournament & Rookie Competition, General Elementary & Middle Weight Class Winner
  • Second place in the 2011 Byakuren Kaikan All Okinawa Prefectural Tournament, Father’s Class, Beginners, Medium and Light Weight

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