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Karate-do Ryushinjuku is located next to the Fresh Plaza Fresh Plaza Union Tsugayama parking lot.

Across the road is the Drak Eleven Tsukayama store next door, and in front of it are McDonald’s, Starbucks, Otoya, Sanei, Kokuba Coop, MaxValu Ichibashi, Nitori Haibara, Makeman Ichibashi, and many other commercial facilities.

It’s convenient to shop while picking up and dropping off your kids.
The exterior of the Ryushinjuku karate school
The dojo is located on the second floor, up the stairs.
This is the entrance to the dojo. If you wish to enter, please bow before entering (and get permission from your instructor for a visit or experience).
We are proud to be one of the largest karate dojos in the prefecture.
You are free to stand in the viewing window.Tours and experiences are always welcome.

Address:1289-1 Tsukazan, Haebaru-cho Ryushin BLD 2F